• The BENOLIEL® brand was brought into existence in early 2015 by Mariana Benoliel, a young surfer, passionate about the ocean and photography.


Mariana set out on a mission to bring a sophisticated and irreverent concept to life: Creating beautiful and original swimwear pieces that promise to satisfy the needs of every individual.


Whether a social butterfly or beach babe, BENOLIEL® has something to offer every closet.

These edgy pieces are designed to be used both in the sand and surf as well as making the perfect complement to high-waisted shorts or plain jeans on a night out.


Think rebellion, elegance and symmetry.


All the pieces in the BENOLIEL® collection are proudly made in Portugal and the lycra used is sourced straight from Italy.

Mariana designs each piece with care and vision right from the print patterns to the shape, making it a priority to guarantee that customers are purchasing superior quality fabric and wearing exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else. •